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Design and print custom t-shirts at Phillips Academy

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In days, we've saved students $!

We're in the news! Shirts that were designed and printed on campus recently appeared on a Canadian TV show.


We have a Direct-to-Garment printer (fancy words for a t-shirt printer) that has been brought to Andover for you to use. It prints custom designs onto items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even towels and tote bags.

The purpose of The Printer is to provide students with a cheaper, faster, and easier method to print custom items. Any Andover student knows that CustomInk is often prohibitively expensive and takes two weeks to process an order. The Printer takes the guessing out of the game and allows students to print a range of 1 shirt to 60 shirts at any given time for less money. If your club or team gains a new member, you can always return to the Printer and print another one in under five minutes.

Anyone can use the printer. If you don't know how to use it, just ask us and we'll explain the simple process in 5-10 minutes. We also work with the Graphic Design Club to create aesthetic designs for your apparel.

Why Us?

  • Faster: With 150-second print-times, you can be in and out with brand new shirts in minutes.
  • Cheaper: We are much cheaper than our competitors, such as CustomInk.
  • Easier: Located in the basement of the library and managed by classmates, the Printer allows for great flexibility. Never worry about ordering just the right number of items, as you can always print more. Payment is carried out by Bluecard.

Past Orders

Getting Started

Need Shirts? Here's how:

  • Design. If you have a design and know what type of shirt you want, you’re ahead of the game.
  • Send us an email with your item type, design (just a image file, doesn’t need to be in a special format), and quantity (x smalls, y mediums…). We’ll get back to you the same day with pricing and a set of times you can come learn to use the printer (for orders of 14 or smaller, we can print for you).
  • Print! If you will be printing, the library staff will give you a key to the printing room. If we print them for you, all that’s left is the next step.
  • Pay with cash or Bluecard.


Use the following tool to calculate the price of your shirt order (this is only an estimate, price may be subject to other factors. Contact us for more info):

Number of Shirts:

Printing occurs on both sides:

I already have the shirts. Just charge me for ink:

Choose what type of shirt you want:


Long Sleeve

Crew Neck


Choose what material you want:


50/50 Cotton/Poly


Size your design:

I have a circular design:

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